How can you apply this to your child?

Making a decision about home ventilation for your child is very personal.

No one can tell you which choice to make — only you can make that decision.

Here is a summary of what other parents in your situation told us can help:

  • Consider all the options for your child, before making a choice. Ask your child’s medical team to describe all of the different options for your child’s breathing problems. Those options might include trach alone, trach with vent, BiPAP, or hospice.
  • Take the time to think about your most important goals for your child and your family, and keep your focus there.
  • Ask your child’s medical team whether palliative care could help your child now and help your family with these decisions.
  • Consider talking with other families who have had to make these decisions. Ask them to share their experiences. Your doctors may be able to connect you with these families, and other families may be available via social media.
  • Create a list of questions for your child’s medical team about the trach and/ or vent.