Meet the Characters

Kiana and Devin

Devin is 8 years old and has cerebral palsy and scoliosis. He uses a wheelchair and a feeding tube. When he started to have trouble breathing, not everyone agreed about doing the trach and home ventilator. But his mom believed it was the best thing for Devin. Her aunt helps her care for him at home.

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Kiana: Hi, I’m Kiana and this is my son, Devin. He is my little man. He’s 8 years old and a momma’s boy. Right now, we are living in my sister Kendra’s apartment. She helps me out with Devin a bit but really, it’s mostly just me and my little dude. I had Devin when I was 17, and ever since then, I’ve been taking care of him. At first, his dad helped out but since the trach, it’s been just me. Devin has such a personality! He doesn’t let the cerebral palsy or his trach and vent get him down. And with the trach he breathes so much better! Devin was 5 when his scoliosis was getting worse and was pushing on his lungs. He had a rod placed in his back for his scoliosis, and I pushed for the trach to help with his breathing. I am really happy I did. My little guy has so much life... I’m really lucky to be his Mom.