Meet the Characters

Morgan, Matt, and Ashley

Ashley’s parents knew before she was born that she had a genetic condition and would have many serious health problems, including trouble breathing. They knew she could not be cured, so they chose to take her home with hospice care instead of a ventilator. She died at home with her family when she was 3 months old.

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Matt: My name is Matt, and this is my wife Morgan. We got married right after college, and Morgan got pregnant soon after that. About halfway through the pregnancy, we found out that our daughter Ashley would be born with a lot of health problems, that she might not make it to her first birthday. So, our plan was to make every day with her the best it could be. Ashley spent 3 amazing months at home with us and her grandparents and cousins and our dog. She was so spoiled! When Ashley’s breathing got worse, the doctors talked about a ventilator, but the vent couldn’t actually save her – it might give her a little more time, but they didn’t really know. So, we didn’t do that. We decided to do hospice at home instead. The hospice folks made sure Ashley was not in any pain. And she died peacefully, at home with her family.